Learn everything there is to know about the server plus helpful commands to get started.

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Getting Started

Welcome to the server! To get started on the server, there is a few things you should know before wondering out into the wilds!

1. Choose which world you’d like to build in.
2. Pick a good location and
3. Claim land
4. Explore other worlds
5. Complete server Achievements
6. Complete Server quests

Server Specs
Our server is quite new, it is locally hosted in a data center in Sydney, Australia. So Australian players still get a good connection and its not bad for overseas players that enjoy the server too.

8 Gb Ram
NvMe SSD Storage – Using 31Gb so far
40 Players Max
DDoS Protection
Unlimited Bandwidth

Server Features
The server itself will backup every 6 hours, backing up all worlds and player data, the worlds also saves to file every 30 minutes, in-case of crash.

The server is designed to reboot every 24 hours. At the same time every day.

We use an Anti-Hacker/modder plugin that picks up on illegal mods from vanilla. You will get a warning first if the plugin detects abuse. If extended attempts are detected you will be kicked from the server.

Worlds –

The server has multi worlds to choose from and live in.
There are the usual worlds like The End and Nether worlds
but also have the choice of…

1. SkyGrid - An adaption of SethBlings void worlds with a grid of blocks, 2 block spacing between the next block
2. SkyLands - Best described as a floating island generated world. Elytra is required to fly to islands
3. Realm - This is a normal generated world but much like the main world is perfered for big farms and/or storage systems.
4. Updateworld - This is a world that gets updated regularly, has been around since 1.15 and gets updated for every new release. So its possible to find new blocks or villagers to trade with. This world does however get reset after every update. Land claiming is not enabled here.
5. Plots world - This is not a released world yet to the public, but will be a creative world to build your contraptions and test redstone stuff before building in survival.

Land Claiming –

Land claiming is a big thing! You need it to protect your chests and house from griefers while you are offline. We use the term villagers as area claimed.

You can also see the number of claimed chunks in the [TAB] menu plus the name of the village you belong to.

To start claiming land start with the following.

/V create {name}
{name} would be your village name, and this will create your very own village. can also use /V disband
/V claim
Using this command will claim the current chunk you are standing in.
(As a normal player, you get a maximum of 15 chunks to claim, this may change in the future) can also use /V unclaim
/V Panel
You can use this to bring up a GUI to manage your village, seeing what chunks are claimed, who your members are and what they have access to, plus disband your village.
/V Invite
You can use this to invite people that are currently online to your village, please note that players must either not be apart of a village already or disband their own village before joining yours.
They can either respond to your invite by /V accept or /V Deny
/V Sethome
You can set the current location to be the claim home location, then you can use the /V home for quick teleport.
/V setdescription
You can set the subtitle/description to display when someone walks into your claimed area.

Graves –

AydaaCraft has Graves, if you die via natural deaths (PVE not PVP) a grave with your items will spawn in the location that you died along with your Skull on top.
Graves will last 15 Minutes after death. After that the grave will then despawn and your items will drop. (Where they will despawn after 5 minutes)
Graves will spawn in the most convenient location, For example if you die in the void, it will spawn 2 blocks above the void.

/Gravy List
If you have died multiple times trying to get back to your stuff and unsure how long you have left, this will display the location and a timer for the specific grave.