Ignorance of the rules is no excuse! You know the rules and so do I.

Minecraft server

  1. No griefing eachothers builds
  2. No swearing or using CAPS
  3. No advertising other servers or websites
  4. No account sharing, 1 Player per account
  5. No exploit mobs or xrays allowed (Maps and optifine are allowed)
  6. Leaving spawn boundaries are now illegal. (Thanks to EquinoxComics for this one)

Discord server

  1. No swearing and limit CAPS LANGUAGE use
  2. No advertising other servers or websites
  3. Respect everyone like your mate (Friend)
  4. No inappropriate media (Images, gifs, videos emojis)
  5. No account sharing (You are responsible for your account)
  6. You can only post your own videos or streams in #Self-promo channel

But most important rule

  1. Have fun!

If you have read the rules, go and join the fun on our server!

Success! Now paste in minecraft!