Who we are?

Aydaacraft is a small community minecraft server, proudly ran and maintained by veteran players from around the would. Our goal is to introduce a relaxed and fun way to enjoy building, crafting and more in a way that is different to the vanilla experiences. We are very open with upcoming updates/features and take on board all suggestions to improve the server! We are very community driven!

Minecraft server
Survival image


Survival is our main goal. Gather, Build, Survive, Together. Our server has many awesome features including but not limited to...

  • Economy
  • Dungeons
  • Auction House
  • Enhanced Mobs
  • Mob arena battles
  • Custom Fishing
  • Custom Items, armor and weapons
  • and more
Survival image


We have many worlds to choose from when you are starting out, each one is more unique to the other.

  • Vanilla overworld
  • Skylands generation
  • Skygrid generation

Have a problem or want to get in touch with others?
Join our Discord!

Why vote?

Voting helps us out alot by potentially reaching out to new players wanting to join us, and as a huge thank you for voting we will reward you with a voting key that will grant awesome items ingame!

Server FAQs.

If you are ever in doubt, you can check out these FAQs or our wiki page!

How to I join the server?
Joining is suuuuuper easy, all you need to do is copy the IP address "play.aydaacraft.online" and be on the latest version of Minecraft Java. Ensure you have purchased a copy of Minecraft Java edition and then you can simply paste in the IP address after clicking the "Add Server" button in the Multiplayer menu.
Is there an online map I can view?
To view the online map simply click or visit (https://map.aydaacraft.online)
How do I get started on the server?
Getting started on our server is easy, just to read more on our wiki!
Where can I get more infomation about features on the server?
Best way to learn about all the features and functions of the server is to visit out wiki!